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I am a 6th year DKO/part-time student at the Academy for Visual Arts in Ghent, in the painting section under supervision of Annique Mahieu.

If you would like to have more information on these, please consider writing me a note.

mid-term evaluation

So we had evaluations again. We were only four, so we could discuss plenty.

I did some figurative work this semester

control room

As well as some geometric work


Oh, and here's a helicopter


19 jan 2018 :: #academy #jury

200 years UGent - Art exhibition

Next Sunday (16th of July) the art exhibition of the UGent workers association will open at the Aula in honor of the 200th birthday of the University. The artists displaying are all associated to UGent

Volderstraat 9
9000 Gent
how to reach the Aula

The exhibition runs until Thursday, July 20th

14 jul 2017 :: #exhibition #UGent20.0


Friday May 19th (2017) marks the opening of the exhibition


at the Centrum voor Jonge Kunst (Center for Young Art) in Ghent. It features several paintings by 5th-9th year students at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent. The sputnik series has been selected for display.


The exhibition runs until Sunday, June 11th

11 feb 2017 :: #academy #exhibition #cjk #meesterlijk

rhombic dodecahedron

rhombic dodecahedron

Analog Deconstruction Of Digital Design [wood on fingers; 12 x 6cm. video by pbaele10]

11 feb 2017 :: #academy #rhombic_dodecahedron #medialab #patrickbaele

Infrared, part iii


[oil on mdf; 30cm x 40cm]

11 feb 2017 :: #academy #painting #infrared

Infrared, part ii


Andruino [oil on mdf]

09 feb 2017 :: #academy #painting #andruino

Infrared, part i

A series on Infrared (IR) spectroscopy


Unfinished InfraRed [oil on mdf]

10 feb 2017 :: #academy #painting #infrared


My 4th and final year of the 1st cycle in painting at the Academy has ended, and there were the evaluations again. This time, we were grilled by an external jury as well, which consisted of a gentle former teacher of the Academy, and visual artist Tatjana Gerhard. They appreciated the cross talk between the visual arts and the exact sciences that is ubiquitous in my work.

Here is a fraction of my presentation shown at the annual doors open (under suboptimal lightning conditions)

opendeur 2016

The rightmost group of four are inspired by the sputnik satellite. I chose to contrast the iconic geometric beauty and simplicity with a simple connected graph that is void of any reference to the pioneering feats in space exploration technology, although they are intricately related. Here is a close up in my improvised studio


The lower right work is a hommage to the simplicity of the electronic circuit that was on board of the sputnik. Cell phones nowadays require much more silicon.

The final (orange/yellow) work came to be as quickly as an underwater rocket launch.


Two other pieces include an evenening impression of an encapsulated monument on my way home

charles de kerckhove

and a close-up of some texting zombies I came to stumble across

texting zombies

20 jul 2016 :: #academy #4thyear #sputnik

mid-term 4th year

And then came the mid-term evaluations again. This semester, I have put in a bit more spatial aspects into my work. It started with a study of delauney triangulation and quickly wandered off ...

Here's a myopic overview of my presentation


and here it is again with the right prescription, broken up in sections.


The left most work is an interpretation of item 174 of the HAKMEM by Bill Gosper (nicely explained on p14 of this). It gives you the next integer with the same number of 1 bits in its bit representation. The right-most works comment on the impact of computers on modern-day life.


Here are the delauney triangulations

bottom's end

This is what happens when the last scrape of latex paint is drying out ...


and mene mene tekel, upharsin!

27 feb 2016 :: #academy #4thyear #delauney #menemenetekel

end-term 3rd year

So we had the end-of-term evaluations again at the ABK. In contrast to other evaluations, my portfolio contained a broader spectrum of subjects. I experimented with the visuals of periodic analog signals and special orthonormal functions,


the perspective of angles,

perspective angles

and the visual representation of science and technology.

universe xxv

The last panel was inspired by universe 25, a behavioural science experiment by John B. Calhoun, and described in an article in the proceedings of the royal society of medicine. The experiment was conducted on a colony of mice, examining its growth and decline as overpopulation took its lethal toll on society.

The jury was taken with my presentation, and offered me a rerun at the annual open house

dko opendeur 2015

The academy is closed over summer recess, so I put up my easel at kunsthart for the third consecutive year, where I am currently working on a contribution for Esbergssons weerloos project. Stay tuned!

09 aug 2015 :: #academy #3rdyear #universe25 #lissajous

mid-term 3rd year

The end-of-term evaluations are approaching fast again at the ABK, so here are two pieces I put up last time.

27 may 2015 :: #academy #3rdyear #whiterabbit #butterflyeffect

end-term 2nd year

The annual opendeurdag (open house) of the ABK was held last weekend. Our most objective (and objecting...) critic Elisa still prefers art from a more dynamical nature, so our visit to the open house was a bit of a quickie. If you want to rejoy this annual celebration of hobbyist artists, this is the place to go, unless you only wanted to see my little paintings :-p. These were inspired by Ghent's iconic book tower (left) and the Girih tilings (right). My sketch book was also included in the exhibition, but did not make it in the photo series.

dko opendeur 2014

This picture was scrupulously stolen.

30 jun 2014 :: #academy 2nd year #boekentoren #girih


And this is how the rabot looked like last week

rabot 1

And another close-ups: some self-similarity has been added

rabot 1

Symmetry gets another meaning if you put it next to mondriaan

rabot 1

27 may 2014 :: #academy #rabot #girih

dag van het dko (ii)

It was fun, as you can see

27 feb 2014 :: #academy #dagvhdko

dag van het dko (i)

Next Saturday, we have the dag van het dko. The theme is "Boven Water", which is loosely translated as "Above the Water", but can also be translated as "resurface". Anyway, with our experimental painting group at Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, we will be making a group painting on a 5m by 10m canvas, inspired by the pending destruction of the Rabot buildings in Ghent. Everyone is invited to come in and join us on feb 22nd, but of course, we have been doing some prep stuff. My contribution will consist of some 5-fold symmetric girih strapwork, based on the tesselation proposed in this paper by Lu and Steinhardt. Exciting stuff for a painting physicist!

Here's a picture of the "making of", my girih's are found right from the right towers, right?

rabot 1

And here's a close up

rabot 1

20 feb 2014 :: #academy #dagvhdko #girih

group exhibition

This month, I had my very first group exhibition, organised by the Koninklijke Bond van het Personeel of UGent and UZ Gent. There was a lot of nice stuff to be seen, including my small oils on MDF






28 nov 2013 :: #groupexhibition #kbp