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xyz richardson-gaudin

Today, our paper on a most general parametrization of an XYZ Richardson-Gaudin model in the presence of a magnetic field (!) appeared on arxiv

Joint work with Pieter Claeys, Claude Dimo and Alexandre Faribault

All comments are welcome!

16 oct 2018 :: #centralspin #xyz #whosthatwriting #richardson-gaudin

Spin polarization through floquet driving

Pieter's paper on the floquet dynamics of a driven central spin (see post 11 dec 2017) got published on Monday.

The right lower panel shows the spin expectation value of the central spin as a function of driving frequency Tn. At Tn = 2Tc, we observe a pure aligned spin along the z-axis

spin polarization

Could this maybe be observed experimentally?

24 aug 2018 :: #centralspin #floquet #whosthatwriting #physrevlett


This summer, Ghent University joins vzw Jong to bring research to all ages at the playgrounds in Ghent. The place is called Utopia, where kids can get a taste of the beauty of our world, and how to explore it, via arts and science.

On Thursday (Aug 16th), I will go all sciency with magnets, show what they like and hate, and how you can use that to make magnetic levitating trains!


[Thanks to Evert Dhaene for helping me out with the Meissner effect demo]

13 aug 2018 :: #utopia #arts&science #sciencecommunication

Niels graduated!

Niels Billiet succesfully defended his MSc thesis on

Machine Learning Hubbard models , in which he explored the power of neural networks to predict the ground state energy of small hubbard molecule, based on statistical input data.

Niels will join the GQCG as a PhD student to further explore machine learning methods in quantum chemistry and strongly correlated electron systems.


06 aug 2018 :: #machinelearning #hubbardmolecules #MSc

Our book ...

... on howto embed classical reversible computing into quantum computing, with the title

Synthesis of Quantum Circuits vs. Synthesis of Classical Reversible Circuits

just got published in the series of Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems by the Morgan & Claypool publishers.

book of bits

9 jul 2018 :: #quantumcomputing #reversiblecomputing

Pieter graduated!

Last week, Pieter Claeys succesfully defended his PhD thesis with the title

Richardson-Gaudin models and broken integrability

Pieter will join the Polkovnikov group at Boston University with a BAEF postdoctoral fellowship to further explore Floquet dynamics in quantum systems.


25 may 2018 :: #richardson-gaudin #PhD

Combining Viewpoints in Quantum Theory

I gave an invited lecture at the workshop on Combining Viewpoints in Quantum Theory, which was organized by Chris Heunen in the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, located in the beautiful city centre of Edinburgh

I talked about ZXZ decompositions of arbitrary quantum and classical reversible systems, mainly based on my recent work with Alex De Vos on generalized Sinkhorn scalings of unitary matrices


There is sound footage of my (blackboard!) presentation, but you can also follow along with my notes zxz.

25 mar 2018 :: #zxz #cvqt

''Purifying'' 2DMs

We published our work on how to purify a 2-body density matrix (2DM). The problem is simple: suppose you are handed a non- N-representable 2DM, what is the closest N-representable 2DM?

In this paper, we propose an intuitive and computationally inexpensive algorithm to converge towards as an approximate trace-preserving N-representable 2DM with satisfied P,Q & G conditions. We apply the method to 2DMS coming from the AP1roG wavefunction in the projected Schroedinger Equation approach.

Congratulations for Caitlin for her first first-author paper!

The paper can be found here.

1 mar 2018 :: #geminals #AP1roG #v2DM #whosthatwriting

mid-term evaluations @ dko

We had mid-term evaluations in the art section

19 jan 2018 :: #academy #painting


I gave a talk on Richardson-Gaudin Configuration Interaction at a Belgian Quantum Physics initiative meeting, which is held in the beautiful premises of the Royal Academy.

I talked about Richardson-Gaudin Configuration Interaction for mesoscopic systems

19 jan 2018 :: #DOCI #v2DM #whosthatwriting

T1 & T2 v2DM-DOCI

Last week, we published results for v2DM-DOCI in which the T1 and T2 conditions have been implemented as well. As with the PQG v2DM-DOCI, the T1 and T2 conditions come at a much lower computational scaling.

Here are results for N2 in a STO-3G basis

floquet central spin

The paper can be found here.

18 jan 2018 :: #DOCI #v2DM #whosthatwriting

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